What Is Pinterest? And How You Can Use Pinterest?

• Last updated: September 1, 2019 at 7:32 am

Pinterest is a media curation web tool and a social media platform where you can get a wide range of collections of images, videos, and gifs.

Pinterest is available in more than 27 languages, user can pick any as per their choice.

Its headquarter is situated in San Francisco California United States and founded by the Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp In 2010.

In order to contribute something to Pinterest, the registration is required. But if you are just looking for the content then you can do this without any kind of sign up.

What You Can Do At Pinterest

  • Can find a huge range of image’s ideas on different categories
  • Can make and build your profile or business page
  • Can creates boards
  • Video pins


  1. Easily share pins with your friends, directly to their Gmail or Facebook account
  2. If you are pining a duplicate content, then Pinterest will automatically show you that you already  pinned that content.
  3. Pinterest Analytics to find the progress report of your account and your pins
  4. Get direct notifications to your email for your Pinterest activity
  5. With Pinterest Chrome addon you can pin anything from any website with a single click directly to your Pinterest board
  6. Easily create boards, you can make board pubic or private as per your choice.

How To Sign Up

Registering yourself on Pinterest is easy and it will just take a few minutes. You can sign up with the help of your email ID or can use your Facebook login.

  1. Go to pinterest.com
  2. Click on the sign-up option
  3. Use your Gmail or Facebook account to  sign up

How To Sign Up As A Business Page 

During the sign-up, near the footer, you will see the option to sign up as a business page. So if you want to make a business page, please go through that option to start a business page on Pinterest.

How To Create Pinterest Board?

  • To pin anything first you must have a Pinterest board.
  • Making a Pinterest board is very easy, just follow below given steps
  • Log-In to your Pinterest account
  • Open your  profile
  • There you will find a plus sign on the  top right, just click it
  • Choose to create a board
  • Now choose a name for your board, and also select whether you want to make the board private or public and tap create.
  • Later you can also add a good well-written description to your board

How Users Can Pin To Boards?

 Once your board is ready, now you can start paining content to do your board

 You can pin content in two ways,

  1.  Do it manually,
  2.  Use the Pinterest browser addon

 How To Manually Pin Content?

  •  Open your Pinterest profile
  •  On top-right header there will be a sign of a plus, just click there
  •  Now choose whether you want to pin content from any web URL, or want to upload from your local storage.
  • just choose the option and follow the instruction step by step
  • You are done 

How To Pin Content Using Interest Browser Addon?

Pinterest browser add-on will not let you pin content from your local storage, it will just help you to pin content from any web URL, our website.

First of all, you have to install the Pinterest browser addon to your browser.

Once it is done, just go to any web URL and Tap on the Pinterest browser addon and it will start showing you all of the images on that particular web page.

Now click on the image you want to pin and just follow the instructions

You are done

How To Follow Other members?

If you know the username, go to search bar, choose peoples, type the username of the account and tab on the search button.

If you like any pin, and looking who pinned that content then, open the pin, and just below the image you will see the name of the account who pin that content.

How To Follow Boards On Pinterest?

You can directly search the Pinterest Board from the search bar.

Or just below the pin, you will see the name of the account from which the pin appeared and the name of the board. Just click on the board and tap follow.


Is Pinterest Free To Sign Up?

Yes, you can sign up for free, and make your account without spending a single penny?

Where To Find Pinterest?

You can download the Pinterest app for Android or iPhone from the Play Store. Or can use directly from their Website using your browser.

Can User Look At Pinterest Without The Sign-Up?

Yes, if you are looking for content on Pinterest then you can do this without making any account or registration.

Can Anyone See Users Pins?

 Yes anyone can see your pins until you do not have a private printers board.

Can User Make A Private Pinterest Account?

No, you cannot make a private Pinterest account, but you can do one thing,  you can make your Pinterest board private.

How Users Can Find The Email Of Their Account?

 Just go to the setting and from there you will find used email account

How To Enable Or Disable Notification On Mail?

 Just go to the notification setting from there you can disable or enable Pinterest notification to your email.

How To Login Without Email?

If you do not want to use your email ID for Pinterest sign up, then you can use your Facebook login to enter Pinterest.

Can Anyone Have Two Pinterest Account?

Yes, we can have two Pinterest account, but we cannot merge both of the accounts. Whether you keep both of the accounts and maintain them separately or delete one of them.

How many boards are you allowed on Pinterest?

 500  board are allowed to Pinterest.

Can you get banned from Pinterest?

 Yes, there are certain criteria, if you disobey those criteria you will easily get banned.

Can I change my email on Pinterest?

Yes, you can change the email on Pinterest, just go to the setting and follows instructions.

Can I change my username on Pinterest?

Yes, you can also change your username to Pinterest. Go to the setting, and edit your Pinterest username. 

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