9 Free Keyword Research Tools Of 2019 Because Google Planner Is Much Restricted

• Last updated: March 8, 2019 at 13:34 pm

When I started blogging in 2009 this was the Google Keyword Planner which was the most effective and most popular free tool for keyword research and find other keyword’s related information.

But nowadays I am tired of Google Planner keyword research tool due to so many restrictions. It is frustrating especially for those who are completely new to this industry.

So we decided why not find some best free Google Keyword Planner alternatives tool where you can do restriction free keyword research.

We will not say that GKP is not effective and useless but it contains so many restrictions nowadays which is really annoying.

It is ok If you are using the Google Keyword Planner, but you should not be limited to only GKP.

There are so many free keyword research tools which can help you to find some easy to rank and profitable keywords.

So below we are going to explain about 9 best free tools for the Keyword Research.

Google Trends

Google Trends is really an awesome tool to find some really less competitive keywords. Like GKP it is also another awesome tool by Google which helps you to find the trend of any keyword on any specific time.

It helps you to find how the trend for any keyword change over the time. Because it is a free tool so you can use this tool without any investment and any restriction.

The best part of Google Trends is its user-friendly interface like Google’s other products.

Google Trends will let you do the following things

  • Find keyword’s user Interest over time
  • Compare two keywords interest at the same time
  • Can use filters like time duration, category, search type (Image search, youtube search, Google Search etc)
  • Can find subregion based interest
  • Related topics to search term
  • Related queries to search term

How To Find keyword ideas With Google Trends

Just Go to the Google trends tool

From the top right pic the country, if you are searching for any country-specific keyword.

Search for any keyword related to your niche

How To Find keyword ideas With Google Trends

Now scroll down the page and go to the related queries. Where you will find the trending related queries related to your search term. These are the popular keywords related to your niche, you can pick these keywords.

Now scroll up the page and filter past day results. And go to the related queries again, some to these keywords will be the gain trend recently so you can easily rank those keywords without much extra effort.

Bonus Tip

With Google Trends you can find current trends of any keyword, so before picking any keyword first find its current trends.

Because if you mistakenly picked any keyword which is out of trend, then it will not gain you any traffic.

Free Keyword Research Tools Of 2019

Here I compared the current trends of two keywords “terrarium TV” and “Showbox”. You can see that terrarium TV once had a good trend but now it is losing its interest.

If you will try to check the keyword volume of “Terrarium TV” you will consider it a good keyword to pick.

Free Keyword Research Tools Of 2019

According to the Ahref keyword explorer “Terrarium TV” have 861K global volume.

But is it a Good Keyword?

No, because Terrarium TV is losing its trend which clearly means that peoples are not now searching for Terrarium TV.

Any keyword tools will not tell you effective Keyword trends in comparison to Google Trends.

Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter has average look in comparison to the keyword explorer but it is one of the effective keyword planning tools which helps you to gain tons of keyword related to your niche.

You just need to type any seed keyword or group of seed keyword and hit the “shit keyword” button.

Free Keyword Research Tools Of 2019

As you will enter the “shit keyword” it will start scraping to keyword until you will not stop it. If you will leave this tool for 30 min then it will scrap more than 15K keywords.

Once you are done just hit the “stop job” button and it will stop scraping the keywords.

It uses Google Autocomplete for mining keywords.

Let’s ask Google “What Is Autocomplete”

free keyword planner

In autocomplete as you type any keyword, Google starts showing rest of the word. Means it automatically predict your search term.

The tool will only show you the keyword related to the Seed keyword, it will not tell any stats for search volume, trends or any other pieces of information.

The tool contains two more features “Positive Filters” and “Negative Filters” which help you to get filtered results.

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

This is also an interesting keyword research tool which helps you to save lots of your time and effort.

This tool will not tell you any kind of information like keyword search volume, trends, keyword difficulty etc.

Simply the tool combines the multiple lists of keywords into all possible permutation.

free keyword planner

For example

You are having the list of the main keyword

  • chest exercises
  • chest press machine
  • Soya protein
  • Pre-workout

Now you have the list of modifiers

  • Best
  • Top
  • Affordable

Now u want to add price modifier on your keywords

  • Below 25$
  • Below 100$
  • Gain
  • Weight loss

This tool will combine these three lists of keywords to provide every possible permutation.

free keyword planner

For example

  • Best chest exercises
  • Best chest exercise for gain
  • Best chest press machine
  • Top chest press machine
  • Affordable chest press machine

For example, you are having plumbing business and provide your services in each Citi of USA.

Then you can easily get Citi based keywords.

How To Use The Tool

  • Just go the tool
  • Paste the list of keywords in each box.
  • And hit the “generate the permutation” button and it will start their work.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a freemium tool means you can use the tool for free with some restrictions.

For the full access to the tool, you have to buy their premium plan.

But the free version is enough to find the list of some best easy to rank keyword related to your niche.

The tool will let you find the following things

  1. Prepositions
  2. Comparisons
  3. Questions
  4. Related keywords in alphabetical order
  5. Related queries for your searched term.

Answer The Public

Do not confuse, using and understanding the Answer The Public is easy.

Just go to the tool and enter any seed keyword and wait for few seconds.

What each section contained?


Here the tool will find the related questions to seed keyword like “why” “what” “how” etc

For example: if my seed keyword is “dating app”

Then it will show questions like

  • Can dating app works
  • Which dating apps are free
  • What dating apps work


Here it will show prepositions related to seed keyword like “without” “for” “to” etc.

For example

  • Dating apps for Gym people
  • Dating apps for gay


Here the tool will show you the comparison keywords like verses, and, or, vs etc

For example

  • Dating apps vs websites
  • Dating apps and relationship


Here the tool will show every possible keyword in alphabetical order

For example

  • Dating apps for better than tinder
  • Dating apps by user
  • Dating apps For Black


Last it will show related keywords ideas

For example

  • Dating apps in India
  • Dating apps for lesbian
  • Dating apps for over 40

Google Correlate

Google Correlate is also another awesome tool by the search giant Google.

Lets first ask Google, What is Google Correlate?

Google Correlate

In simple terms, Google correlates finds the related topic to the seed keyword.

Like if you talk about the coffee then its correlate will be coffees taste, how strong coffee is? Etc

Like I search for the “Whey Protein”

Google Correlate

It shows results like,

  • Gain Muscle
  • How many calories burned
  • Optimum Nutrition

These keywords completely related to your seed keyword, and sometimes it reveals some cool keywords.

But many times it shows some completely unrelated keywords, so always it is not 100% correct.

like I search for the keyword “coffee Powder”

Google Correlate

It shows some results which were totally out of the track like, “Blue snowball”

but if you will see it also shows some unexpected Correlate like “Cute Dog”.

Now you will ask how “Cute Dog” Correlate with the Coffee Powder.

There are many coffee shops, cafes which are Dog-friendly. Many peoples love to go for food with their dogs.

So you can write about the “Best Dogs Friendly Coffee Shops Near You”

Keywords Everywhere

It is not a tool like the other in the list, instead, Keywords Everywhere is a chrome extension which can be easily added to your chrome or firefox browser.

The tool will show you the following things,

  • Search Volume of Keyword
  • Keyword CPC
  • Keyword Competition

The best part you do not need to do any extra effort, as you search any keyword in Google, the tool will show you all of the data below the search bar.

Keywords Everywhere

It will also show the keyword data for the autocomplete keywords

Keywords Everywhere

How To Add Keywords Everywhere To Your browser

Directly go to your browser addon section and search for the “Keywords Everywhere” and add the extension to your browser.

Or you can go to the https://keywordseverywhere.com and from there you can add the extension.

After successfully added the extension to the browser you need the API key. To get the API key you have to sign up.

Keywords Everywhere

Once you find the API, go the settings of Keywords Everywhere extension and validate API.

You can also make changes to the extension settings according to your requirements.

For Example:

You can change the country

Keywords Everywhere

Change Currency

Keywords Everywhere

Can set custom restriction for volume, CPC and competition

Keywords Everywhere

Can set supported websites

Keywords Everywhere

Daily you search hundreds of keywords in the Google if you can see all of the required stats on the “SERP” so there is a huge possibility to find some good keywords.

Not just Google, Keywords Everywhere works with all of the other sites like youtube, eBay, Amazon, and many others.

Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout is also an extension like keyword everywhere

This tool shows you the keyword for the web pages you are visiting. You just need to click on the tool extension icon and it will show you all of the stats for the page you are visiting.

The tool will show you the following things

  • Keywords on that particular page with search volume, competition, and opportunity
  • Information like meta title, description, H1
  • Page summary
  • Save all of the data (premium feature)

The tool is best for the competitor analysis, you just need to go to your competitor page and tap on the Wordtracker Scout’s browser extension to get all of the required information.

For example:

We go the page “https://fossbytes.com/best-alarm-clock-apps-for-android/” and test the tool.

As we tap on the extension it shows all of the stats of the page. You can see in the image below.

Wordtracker Scout

You can also make changes to the settings, you can set the relevancy and country according to your need.

Wordtracker Scout

They also make easy for the user to copy all of the data to the excel sheet. You just need to tap on the “copy button” and then go to the excel sheet and paste.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console or Google Webmaster it is also a great place to find keyword ideas for your business or blog.

Google Search Console is not a dedicated keyword planner tool which will help you to find new keywords ideas.

Instead, it will help you to find some existing ranked keywords which are already ranking on the other page of Google.

Wordtracker Scout

Means they are already ranking, you just need to put little effort into those keywords to rank on the first page.

  1. Just go to your Google Search Console
  2. Go to traffic
  3. Then tap on Search analytics
  4. And finally, click on the Queries

Make sure Clicks, impression, positions and CTR box is checked

Here it will show you all of the quires which are helping you to get organic clicks.

You need to find those quires for which you are ranking in 2nd to 6th page. Also, look at impression stats that you are getting a good amount of impression or not.

If your keyword is on 2nd or 3rd page and getting impression, then you can improve ranking for that particular keyword.

First step: Find some keywords from the Google Search Console for which you are already ranking below the 6th page of SERP.

Second Step: Find the top three results ranking for your picked keywords.

Third step: Check your competitor to find what you are missing. You can compare links, content, on page etc to find the thing which you are missing to add to your page.

Fourth step: Implement all the missing thing to your page.

These simple four steps can boom your site traffic.

Google Suggests

Yes, you are right that Google Suggest is not a keyword research tool like others.

But our main aim is to find some really Good Keywords whether we find it with a tool or normally.

In simple term, Google Suggests is a basic feature (function) of the Google where it suggests keyword related to your typed term.

For example, if I am searching to the best chest press, then it will start showing auto suggestions related to my searched term like,

  • Best Chest Push UP
  • Best Chest Press Machine
  • Best Chest Press Form

Google Suggests

Once you searched any term on Google, at the bottom of the page you will see more suggestions related to the search keyword.

Google Suggests

First, we should know the reason that, why Google is Showing these suggestions to the users?

These suggestions help users to find their need quickly.

But for you, it is the biggest opportunity which can lead you to get Good amount of traffic.

There is one more reason to work on the keyword suggested by Google

For example:

Any person searches for the “Best Chest Press Machine” and see all of the results but find nothing valuable on the first page.

Most of them instead of going to the second page they first look at Google suggest related keyword.

Here most of the people’s will like to visit “Seated machine Press” or machine decline press

Google Suggests

I agree that these keywords will not be having a huge search volume but they can drive a good amount of traffic.

And the reason is, peoples are coming from the keyword “Best Chest Press Machine” which contain a Good Search volume so if you are ranking for its suggested related keywords then you will get awesome traffic with little effort.

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