Check Accurate Google Keyword Ranking With These 5 Best Keyword Rank Checker

• Last updated: August 25, 2019 at 19:39 pm

SEO is all about keywords, it starts with finding a perfect keyboard for your blog and ends with  ranking it on the first page of Google.

Once your targeted keyword is ranked on Google’s first page, now the next step starts where you track your keyword position on a regular basis to maintain its ranking for a long time.

Maintaining the keyword ranking for a long time is not difficult like ranking a new keyword, but it is important because every new website in your Niche is going to pick the same keyword and will try to rank for it.

So you cannot be completely relaxed once your keyword is ranked, you have to check your keyword positions regularly to avoid fall like most of the bloggers do.  Because if you will stop focus, the other blogger will replace your keyword position with their blog.

Checking Google ranking daily is also important to find your best working pages, which are ranking in the 4th and 5th page of Google. instead of working for a new keyword, if you do some off-page SEO for these keywords which are already on the 4th and 5th page of the Google,  they will easily appear to the first page.

But this task of tracking keyword ranking is very difficult if you do this manually, checking for every targeted keyword in Google is a headache with less satisfying results.

The best solution to this issue is using SEO tools which lets you find all of your organic keyword rankings in just few clicks.

Here we are going to explain about some of the best Ranker-Tracker tools for Google keyword ranking.


Accuranker is a paid keyword rank tracker to find an accurate keyword position of your website  in a few simple clicks.

As we mentioned that it is a paid tool but you can get 14 days of free trial to use this tool for free.

if you are a beginner and do not have enough money to invest in SEO tools but want some good results then you can go for 14 days of the free trial of the Accuranker.

Even if you are going to buy this tool for the first time, then we will recommend you to take the free trial of 14 days to test all its features and accuracy. Once you get satisfied by yourself then go and buy this tool.



  • Every 24 hours it let you update about your keywords positioning in Google.
  • It refreshes keywords every second, so you will get fast and accurate keyword positions results in comparison to other tools.
  • It takes few seconds to update data
  • Great customer support, without a good customer service any of the best tools is worthless. So they provide one on one outstanding customer support with the quick response by chat.
  • Easy to get a customized report with custom templates and company logo. They also include drag and drop report builder. Even if you want you can automate reporting as per your preference.
  • Serval of filter options to go through the wide range of matrix quickly for in-depth analysis.
  • You can also connect Accuranker with your website GoogleAnalytics and Webmaster for better results.
  • Also, provide the option of bulk importer, with this you can import data in a single click from the csv file.

Accuranker also lets you third party integration for these platforms.

  1.  Google Analytics
  2.  Google Webmaster
  3.  Adobe Analytics
  4.  Google sheet
  5.  Google data studio
  6.  Databox 


Ahref is not a dedicated keyword tracking tool like Accuranker,  instead, it is one of the most popular and most powerful complete SEO tools which also contains the keyword tracking feature.

As I mentioned in the beginning that it is one of the most popular SEO tools so it gives you accurate keyword positioning results with lots of  SEO Matrix filters.

But there is a problem that this tool is a little expensive, I do not think that as a beginner any of you will be able to invest that much of money on a single tool, but if you have this tool then you do not need to buy any other SEO tool.



  • Ahref is a complete SEO tool, but here we are going to only talk about its keyword ranking tracking features.
  • Can export all of the keywords to the csv file
  • With keyword Positioning,  it also helps to let you find the keyword difficulty, CPC, Keyword volume and Average traffic your post is getting from a particular keyword.
  • You can also get organic keywords ranks on a country basis
  • Easily find newly ranked keywords
  • Also, find movements of your keywords in Google SERP
  • Not just newly ranking keywords, the tool also lets you find the keywords which are losing their ranking


Semrush is like Ahref, It is also a complete SEO tool where you can do things like keyword research, organic keyword ranking tracking, content Explorer, batch domain analysis, and lots of other things which required in SEO. You can find organic keyword for your website or your blog post.

Using the tool is very easy,  just copy the URL for which you are looking to find the organic keywords, and paste the copied URL to the Semrush search bar and it will show you all of your organic ranking keywords with lots of other stas too.

Semrush it is also a paid tool like Ahref, but you can try the tool for free for a few days with just a simple sign up. It is good that you can least try all of the features of the tool before the final subscription.



Serpwatcher It is a dedicated rank tracker tool by Mangools, they are one of the trusted sources to buy SEO related tools.

Serpwatcher Is a dedicated tool only to track keyword Positioning in Google. It is also a paid tool, but pocket-friendly. Tracking ranking for all of your keywords is really a time-consuming work if you do it manually.  So best buy a cheap rank tracking tool like Serpwatcher and automate the work of Keyword tracking.

Like others, Serpwatcher too gives see you 10 days of a free trial to test the tool before the final payment.



  • Get update about the moments in keyword ranking position directly in your mail on a daily basis.
  • Get geo-location-based keyword positioning result
  • Also find mobile and PC based keyboard results
  • User-friendly dashboard, within a minute you can set up and start checking the ranking.
  • With a single link you can share your ranking report to your client or teammates, and also can schedule the reports

Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster is also a great tool to find the organic keyword position of your websites And best performing posts of your blog.

Using Google Webmaster will not be effective like other paid tools, for example, Ahref, and Semrush.

But for the beginners, it is best because they do not need to spend a single penny for using Google Webmaster to track organic keywords ranking.

 Here we are sharing how you can track organic keyword in Google Webmaster

  1. You have to add your websites to the Google webmasters
  2. Log into your Google Webmaster
  3. On the home page, you will see a section called performance, from there just tap on open report
  4. Now from the filter options, choose positions to check the ranking position of your website

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