Com VS .Net SEO | Importance of Domain Extension In The SEO

• Last updated: March 14, 2019 at 8:00 am

This is a very important topic that domain extensions really matters in the  SEO?

Is domain extension really affect your SEO results?

If you think that because you are having a .com domain so Google will give more importance to it than .net or .org domain, then you are completely wrong, there is no such thing like this.

For Google quality of the content and links matters, the search engine does not care about the Domain extensions.

But there is another thing which associated with the domain extensions.

.com and .org were the first domain extensions so psychologically whenever someone looking for any website on the google they assume for the .com because it associated with the commercial content and other domain extensions works as a backup of .com.

For Example: Whenever someone planning to makes their website first they think about the “.com”, if in case .com name is not available then they choose the other domain extensions.

When you heard about a website with the .org domain extension you think that it will be an organisational website and .edu associated with the educational.

But when you heard about the .com domain you think about the commercial content.

So in sort, there is no effect of the domain extension on the SEO results.

A .com domain sounds perfect than other domain extensions so if you are buying a domain then you must prefer for the .com but if you are thinking that just choosing the .com domain is going to provide you some kind of SEO benefits then it is just a myth.

What Domain Name You Should Choose?

What domain you should choose for your website? it is a very important question because in future changing the domain name or extension will affect your SEO and other stuff.

So if you are planning for a website which is limited to any specific country then, in this case, you should choose any country orientated domain like “.in” “.uk” etc. Country orientated domains declares the country from where you located.

if you are planning for a domain for any NGO or any organization then you should prefer .org domain extension.

If you are having a blog, e-commerce platform or any other commercial content then you should prefer .com, .co, .net or any other short domain extensions.

These days .reviews, .guide domains also are being used for the affiliate and review websites.

Best Websites To Get ideas About The Domain Name

The website name is also a big concern, choosing the right name is important for your brand. Brainstorming is not enough to find a great name for your website.

There are some websites which can help you to generate some good website name ideas around your “keyword”.

Namelix is  one of the websites where you can find some cool ideas for your brand name.

Using the tool is very easy, you just need to search your keyword from the search bar to generate ideas.

Like we  search for the “marketing”

And it shows us hundreds of results

Com VS .Net SEO | Importance of Domain Extension In The SEO

The tool also shows premium domains names, so if you are having a good budget then you can prefer it.

You can also apply filters like short names, specific domain extensions, any specific keyword in the name etc.

Best Websites To Buy Domain Extensions

There are so many websites from where you can buy your domain, but we believe that you should buy your domain from a trusted source.

Choosing a domain is similar to choosing a company name, and buying a domain is like registering a company.

You will never want to lose your domain because once you lose your domain, you will lose all of your work and goodwill.

Below we listed some best website for buying domains

  • Namecheap
  • Neelix
  • Dynadot
  • Godaddy
  • Bigrock

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