Things You Need To Do if Someone Scrap Your Entire Site

• Last updated: March 12, 2019 at 11:32 am

This is a very common problem for the websites owners when someone scraped your whole website to another domain with a similar name.

And many times after putting little effort, the scraped sites start positively responding to the SERP than your original site.

There are many other drawbacks too for the original sites. So here we are going to share some tips and advice to deal with this little but a serious issue.

What Is This Problem?

Here someone scraps all of your website with the help of some kind of plugins and software and host the site to other domains.

For example;

There is an original site called “” and someone buys a domain “” and scrap the whole “’s content and publish to

Now if the person makes some good backlinks than your site, you will see the duplicate site will start ranking around your original site.

How To Deal With Duplicate Site Problem?


You are the original creator of the content so you can complain about a DMCA for copying your content because copying the content of any site is legally not allowed.

DMCA is an act to protect your digital copyright right. DMCA means Digital Millennium Copyright Act. So if any of the sites are violating the DMCA law then you can easily report for that site and they will completely remove the site to the SERP.

How To Report DMCA

First, apply for DMCA site owner badge by signup to the DMCA official website. It is free and will take 5 to 10 min to set up and put the DMCA Badge to your site.

Things you should know to report to DMCA

  1. Name of the content
  2. Details of the duplicate site owner, if you know.
  3. Link of the webpage where copied content exist

Check For The Whois

You can check for the Whois info of website to find about the owner of the website. If the Whois info is public then you can find about the domain registrar.

Once you find about the domain registrar, contact their support to complain that “this domain is registered by you which is violating the DMCA law”.

If you are able to convince the domain registrar that you are the original site owner and that website is scraping your content so they will defiantly take some action.

How To Check For The Whois

Go to the’s whois lookup page or click here

How To Deal With Duplicate Site Problem?

Enter the domain name and tap on the search

How To Deal With Duplicate Site Problem?

It will show you all of the whois data

How To Deal With Duplicate Site Problem?

Check & Reports Hosting Provider

If you are able to find about the hosting provider then you can easily report the hosting company to remove their site because of duplicate content.

There are many ways to find about the hosting provider

Find nameserver

If you find the nameserver used by any website then you can track the hosting provider.

This is the nameserver of the Namecheap “” if you will search it in the Google you can find that site is hosted to Namecheap.

There are many ways to find the nameserver

Check Whois: If the whois info is public then you can find the nameserver info there.

Someone Scrap Your Entire Site

Use Whois Hosting This: This tool is awesome, if you search for any domain here it will show you the hosting provider name with the nameserver.

Just go to the:

Someone Scrap Your Entire Site

From the search bar search the domain and it will show you all of the hosting information.

Someone Scrap Your Entire Site

What You Should Not do?

Many of us do this common mistake that we try to contact the “duplicate website” owner to purchase the domain.

Never do this, because it encourages them and they will do this again and again to the other peoples.

Even if you find any main from the duplicate website’s owner” to buy the domain, do not answer the mail.

If you will follow our given instruction then you can easily remove their site to the Google SERP.

Disadvantages If Someone Scrap Your Entire Site

  • If they make some good link, they can replace your ranking
  • Duplicate content issue for your site
  • Sometimes they scarp your entire site with the ads code so it can increase the invalid clicks to the ads, and as a result, the ad providing platform can ban your account.
  • Some times you will find a link back to your original from the duplicate site. Menas you are getting a link from a spammy site which is not good.

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