What Is Focus Keyword? | All You Need Need To About Yoast Keyword Keyphrase

• Last updated: August 28, 2019 at 12:13 pm

Focus keyword or Focus Keyphrase both are the part of the WordPress SEO plugin which named “Yoast”. Focus keyword and Focus Keypahse both are same, in the previous version of the Yoast it was “Focus keyword” and in the latest version they changed the name to the Focus Keypahse and added some extra features.

Yoast is one of the most used free and paid plugins which help you to optimize your webpage for SEO like with it help you to set meta titles, meta descriptions etc for your WordPress page or post.

Yoast Let You Do Following Things

  • Can set meta title and description for any webpage.
  • Can stop Google to crawl any page or post.
  • Can set Slug
  • Readability analysis
  • Cornerstone Content

If you are having this plugin in your WordPress site then you will be definitely noticed “Focus Keyword”.

Focus keyword is a small feature of the Yoast SEO plugin which helps you to evaluate your webpage to find how good you optimize your webpage for your keyword.

For example:

I am writing a post “Com VS .Net SEO | Importance of Domain Extension In The SEO

So my keyword for this post will be “Com VS .Net SEO” or “Domain Extension In The SEO”

So you can include your keyword “Com VS .Net SEO” in the focus keyword section to find how well your webpage is optimized around your keyword.

focus keyword

As you will include and search for your focus keyword it will show you the Analysis report.

what is a focus keyword

Its result will be divided into three parts,

Problems: Here it will show you the problems means missing things which you should fix to optimize your content,

Like here for our post, it is showing that there is no internal link and Keyphrase density is too low etc.

These problems which are highlighted by the Yoast really make sense but not every time, because there was no relevant internal link was for this post, so we do not add any internal link.

So do not make any irrelevant changes to your post just because it is highlighted by the Yoast.

what are focus keywords

Improvement: Here the plugin tells you some possible improvement you can make to your webpage in order to improve its optimization around your keyphrase.

Like here for us, it is suggesting to add the Keypahse or any synonyms in the subheading and slug.

wordpress focus keyword examples

Good Results: Here the plugin will show you the positive things in your web content

Like for us, it shows there is an outbound link, Keyphrase in the introduction, Keyphrase length etc.

focus keyword example

Good Thing About Focus Keypahse/Keyword

  • It can give you an idea about the problems and every possible optimization suggestion for your webpage.
  • Can help you to find the issue of keyword stuffing

Bad Thing About The Plugin

It is just a tool which is programmed so you can not trust it 100%, always use your common sense.

Do not optimize your content with irrelevant information just because the issue is highlighted by the Yoast plugin. If the issue or improvement highlighted by the plugin does not make sense then ignore it.

Relates Keypahse (Premium Feature)

Any article always not meant to optimize for the single keyword, you can optimize the single article for the multiple keywords.

So if you are targeting the multiple keywords or you are using many related keywords in your content then this premium feature will help you to evaluate your content for the multiples of keywords.

But the premium plugin is not necessary, you can ignore it. Because there is no benefit of buying the plugin for just one feature.

If you are interested in the other premium features of the Yoast plugin then you can buy the premium version otherwise I will not suggest you to buy.

Focus Keypahse/Keyword Will Not Help You To Rank

If you think that Focus keyword is a ranking factor then you are wrong, It is not a ranking factor it is just a tool to evaluate a webpage nothing more.

Even if you think optimizing your page according to the focus Keyphrase will give you the guarantee to rank in the Google then here too you are wrong.

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