A Step By Step Guide For Google Trends For Keyword Research

• Last updated: March 8, 2019 at 13:34 pm

Today SEO is so much competitive and difficult. Daily some kind of new updates are coming which are making SEO looks like impossible.

So we can not rely on some traditional keyword research tools only like Google Keyword Planner. It is very much important to find some new tactics to find good easy to rank keywords for your blog or website.

So here we are going to explain different ways to use Google Trends for Keywords research.

Google trends are the tool which tells you the trends (search popularity) of any keyword over time.

Especially when you are in the content marketing business then you must know the uses of every feature of Google Trends to use the tool to its full potential.

You can also use the tool for finding some really useful keywords. As well as the tool is free so you do not need to pay anything.

Find Seasonal Keywords

Search volume of some keywords depends on the season. Means search volume increase and decrease with the season.

For example: In winters search of Tshirts comes down and Search for the winter clothes goes up.

These are the seasonal keywords which have a direct connection with the season.

This is data of “Tshirts” in India during the winter. As you can see search popularity for the Tshirt comes down during December which is the winter time.

Google Trends For Keyword Research

Similar in the united states during the December trends come down for the Tshirts because of the winter search.

Google Trends For Keyword Research

In comparison, you can see high trends for the Leather Jackers during this time of winter in USA and India.

Google Trends For Keyword Research

Google Trends For Keyword Research

So if you are working with any season dependant business then you can use this data to find all stats about the trends of your products. As a result, you will be aware of the peakks and downtime of your products.

If you are having a blog then this time you can write the reviews and promote winter products like leather Jackers. Or other information based article like winter preparation guide etc.

Our Suggestion:

Do not wait for the season to come, find about the peak time and start working before 2 or 3 months.

Suppose you want to work for the winter clothes in December, so you should start your work in August. So this way you will have enough time to promote your content.

Check Trends Of The Keywords

Finding the current trend of any keyword is important before publishing the content. There is no use of creating and publishing a content which is now out of trend.

Any keyword search tool will not tell you the current time’s accurate stats of the keywords. Even they also can not tell you accurate trends of the current time in comparison to the Google Trends.

For Example: 

If you will check the keyword stats for the “terrarium tv” in the Ahref, you will find this keyword valuable to work and invest your money.

But is it really a good keyword?

It is really popular til today?

No, as you can see that till September terrarium TV remains steady. But after the month of September terrarium TV stated to lose user interest.

Keyword Research

And the reason, in September the app was closed due to some kind of legal issues.

So now there is no benefit of choosing this keyword to work. It will provide no traffic.

But if you will search keyword stats of “Redbox TV” in Ahref. It has less search volume in comparison to the Terrarium TV.

But if you will look at the Google trends for Redbox TV.

Keyword Research

You will find that Redbox TV trend remains the same from months. And still, it has a good trend rate.

So you can pick this keyword.

In simple term, we want to say that only finding the keyword is not enough. We should also find the Keyword’s currents trends before creating the content.

Related Topics And Queries For Your Niche

With the Google trends, you can find some recently trending topics worldwide or in your desired country.

Daily millions of new searches add to Google from worldwide because these are completely new topics so very few blogs and website will be targeting these keywords.

So these keywords can easily rank in Google.

How to Find the recently realted trending topics?

Go to the Google Trends

Type any keyword related to your niche

Keyword Research

Go to the related queries section and can see the related topics which are trending now.

Keyword Research

You can change the country according to your target. We set it to the united states.

Now change the time to the thirty days, it will start showing the related trending quires and topic in the last 30 days.

You can set to the last hour, or last day to find some past recently trending topics.

Use Competitor Trends For Your Business

Competitor analysis is one of the keys to becoming successful. Because your competitor is already famous and will be do lost of research of the market.

So you can steal their business.

You just need to find your best competitor and then create a comparison post of your product and your competitor’s product.

Follow the below given steps to find the popular products of your competitor.

Search your competitor in the Google Trends as we search for the “Adidas”.

Now check for the related queries

Here we found popular queries for the Adidas,

  • Adidas Proboost Go
  • Adidas Yang 1
  • Goku Adidas

Keyword Research

Now as a competitor we can create a post like Adidas Proboost Go VS Our product.

Because the Adidas Proboost Go is already getting the popularity then peoples will love to read your content.

Even before buying the product customer also check for any best option in the same price range. So they will love to read your comparison post of Adidas Proboost Go.

Find Recently Trending Topics

On the home page of the Google Trends, there is a section called “Recently Trending”, where you can find all of the most trending topics searches.

How To Find Recently Trending Topics

Go to the Google Trends

From there just click on the subheading “Recently Trending”, as you will click it will open a dedicated page trending search term.

Keyword Research

By default, it will show most trending searches in your targeted location, we set it to the United States.

It will show the recently trending keyword, its search volume and the direct links to the related news.

Even you can get category based real time recently trending searches of past 24 hours.

  • Just click on the real-time search trends
  • Choose targeted country
  • Choose your category (niche)

Keyword Research tool

Keyword Research tool

Most of us do not pick these kinds of keywords, because they think they are too late to publish the content on that topic.

But it is not that you can not do well on these keywords. Writing on the recently trending topics will increase the chances of traffic.

Plan Your Content Calendar With Google Trends

Google Trends can help you to find the events keywords these keywords find peek again and again after a specific interval of time.

Here you can search trends for the Christmas day, each year in December it finds the peak.

Keyword Research tool

Here is another example of keyword “Halloween”. Each year in October it finds the peak.

Keyword Research tool

So you can plan some events related keywords for your business.

You do not need to create a fresh content every year, best you create a post about the event and every month you can update the article with some fresh material.

Minimize your Adword Advertisement Cost

If you are investing money on Google Adwords advertisement then with the Google Trends you can minimize your advertisement cost and maximize your result.

For example, you are running Adwords campaign for your product “AC” in united states.

Keyword Research tool

Here is the five years data for the query “AC”, you can notice peak each year in during June and July for the AC.

Here you need to follow these steps,

Set the custom time range from June to July.

Now check the interest by subregion.

Here you can see the subregion based trends of AC in the month of June and July for the last year.

Keyword Research tool

Keyword Research tool

As you can see that New Jersy has 100% trends rate for the AC, and it also shows search trends rate in the other subregion.

So this way you do not need to run your advertisement in the whole USA. You can run your ad in specific cities where trends rates are high.

This way you can reduce your advertisement cost, and increase your sell.

Even you can create “cities specific” posts.

Especially this feature of the Google Trend is best for the Local SEO. it can reveal most of the popular trending queries in your targeted cities.

Find Ideas About Your Next Youtube Video

You can change the search type to “Youtube search” from “Google Search” to find ideas for your next youtube video.

If you think that search volume of any keyword is the same in Google and youtube then you are wrong.

Even in many niches, Google searches are reducing with time because peoples love to watch things, instead of reading.

So if you are having a youtube channel or planning for one then you can use the Google Trends to find ideas for your videos too.

Google trends “youtube search” works the same as Google searches. You just need to change the search type to the “Youtube Search”

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