How Many Keywords Per Page For Best SEO Optimisation In 2019?

• Last updated: March 16, 2019 at 8:31 am

There is not any 100% exact answer to this question that how many keywords you should use per page for the best SEO results, but in sort, we can say that you can use as many keywords as make sense to the user intent. If the user intent is too specific then you too have to be specific with your landing page to exactly provide what visitor is looking for.

For Example:

If your landing page is about the “Keyword Research” then you can go with multiple of keywords like,

  • Long terms keyword
  • Broad keywords
  • Strategy for the keyword research
  • Best tools for keyword research
  • And many others

But if the user is searching for the Long terms keywords then your article should be moving around the Lond term keywords because the visitor is so specific.

Optimising The Content For The LSI Keywords

What Is LSI Keyword?

LSI keyword means “Latent Semantic Indexing”, these are the semantically related keywords to the primary keyword.

what is lsi keywords

Means two different keywords with the same user intent,

For Example:

  1. Keyword Search
  2. Keyword Analysis

These two keywords have the same user intent and it called LSI keywords.

Today SEO is not like past days, we can not fool Google with the Keyword stuffing.

But optimising the content for the LSI keywords is very important which can help you to rank your landing page for multiples of keywords.

If we search for the “keyword research” in the Google Moz and Backlinko is ranking for it.

how many keywords for seo

We check the Moz article in the Ahref and it is ranking for the 3.7K keywords.

how many keywords should i use

how many meta keywords per page

Same we also check for the Backlinko’s post and it is ranking for the 1.2K keywords.

how many keywords is too many

select the keyword or phrase that will best complete each sentence.

So optimizing for the LSI keywords is very important, as well as it also leads Google to start providing authority to your site slowly.

So instead of stuffing the same keyword for the so many times, optimize your content for the main keyword and LSI keywords.

For example:

Our main keyword is “Keyword Research”

Now Do Some Keyword Research Choose LSI keywords

  • Keyword Analysis
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • How To Do Keyword Research
  • Keyword Research And Analysis

Now Do This

SEO Title: Keyword Research Guide For Better SEO Results In 2019

Meta Description: A Step By Step Ultimate Guide For The SEO Keyword Research and Analysis For Best Results.

H1: How To Do Proper Keyword Analysis

Content: Use the main Keyword “Keyword Research” in the content naturally for list one to two times.

H2: Steps For Keyword Research And Analysis

Related Keyword: Also, add some content around the related keywords this way you can increase the length of the article with relevant content.

What You Should Not Do

You Should Not Over-optimize Your Content by using the keyword multiple times.

For Example:

SEO Title: Keyword Research | How To Do Keyword Research | keyword Analysis

Meta Description: How To Do Keyword Research, a guide for Keyword Research and keyword analysis

H1: Keyword Research & Analysis

Content: Optimizing too many time for the main keyword

This technique will not work nowadays in 2019 if you are claiming that it is working in some of the niches for you then maybe it is possible but will not be for permanent.


If you ask us, what will be the best option in this list?,

  1. Main keyword for one time in a page
  2. Main keyword for multiple time in a page
  3. Main keywords with all of the LSI keywords
  4. Should use the same keyword on the multiple pages

We will pick for the “Main keywords with all of the LSI keywords ”

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