[WordPress SEO]: Do Social Sharing & Preview Settings In Yoast SEO Plugin For Good Results

• Last updated: September 8, 2019 at 13:32 pm

Social Preview is the features of the Yoast where you can find how your post will look when it will share to the social platforms. 

It will just help you to find the social preview for Facebook and Twitter.

Social Preview is very much similar to Yoast Snippet preview which helps to improve your search results.

Otherside social preview will help you in improving social workflow.

Social Settings For the Post In Yoast

Yoast lets the user set a specific image for Facebook and Twitter with title and description. 

So anytime you or anybody else share your post to Facebook or Twitter, it will pick that specific selected image and metadata.

This way you can ensure the quality of your post sharing on social platforms. 

Just sharing the post link have no benefits 

Just sharing your post to social sites has no benefits if it does not contain a perfect image with good meta title and description.

If you do not select any image in the Yoast plugin, you don’t know which image it is going to pick while sharing on social platforms.

And many times your post will be shared to Facebook and Twitter without the image. It will look bad and do not provide any advantage. 

If you are in SEO you will be definitely know that social signals are one of the SEO ranking factors so you cannot ignore it.

How To Set Meta Data And Image For A Post 

It is easy 

Just go below of the page till you find the Yoast Options

Yoast Social Settings

Now click on the social option

Now click on the social option. 

Here you can set the title, description, and image for the post for the Facebook and Twitter. 

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