[WordPress SEO]: How To Create And Enable Sitemap To A WordPress Website With Yoast SEO Plugin 

• Last updated: September 7, 2019 at 16:26 pm

The sitemap is the pathway of your website or it is a complete map for your website which has information about all of your pages, posts, and media.

The sitemap helps search engine robots or crawlers to find your website pages, posts, and media to crawl in a very systematic way.

What Is Sitemap

Having a sitemap on your website is a sign of good on-page SEO and it has many benefits. 

With sitemap, Google can easily find your website’s pages quickly. 

Suppose you are a SEO, and your client website has thousands of pages and you need to index them all.

What will you do? 

Are you going to submit the URLs to Google search engine console one by one? 

It is not possible because it will take a lot of time to submit each URL to the Google search engine console for indexing one by one. 

The easy solution is to create a sitemap for your website and submitted the sitemap URL to the Google search engine console and Google will crawl all of your pages very fast. 

Enable Sitemap For WordPress Website 

If you are using a WordPress website, and you can add a sitemap to your website with the help of the Yoast SEO plugin. It is easy, free and does not require any coding knowledge.

Go to Yoast setting 

Tap general 

Go to features 

Yoast SItemap

Enable XML Sitemap

Enable XML Sitemap

How To Add A Sitemap For HTML website 

Go to a third party site map creator 

Create a sitemap for the website by following instructions 

Upload the sitemap file to the public.HTML 

You are done 

How To See Site Map In Your Website

Just add “sitemap_index.xml” after your website URL

For Example: www.xyz.com/sitemap_index.xml

You are done

How To See Site Map In Your Website

How To See Site Map In Your Website

You can also use any other sitemap generator for your WordPress site, but we will recommend you to use Yoast because it does not only help in site map generation, instead, it lets you do complete OnPage for your website.

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