[Pinterest Marketing]: This Is How You Can Increase Your Email Subscriber List With Pinterest

• Last updated: September 1, 2019 at 6:34 am

Are you having an engaged Pinterest page and board which is helping you to get traffic and sales for your product?

Then it is really amazing, but you can also do a lot more other things with your most followed Pinterest page.

You can easily convert your Pinterest followers to your email subscribers. 

Most of the websites use email opt-in to build and grow email subscribers. But here in this article, we will teach you to promote email opt-in in with your Pinterest page. 

What Is Email Opt-in? 

Email Opt-in also is known as the lead magnet, one of the best techniques for email marketing which helps to generate email subscribers. 

In an Email Opt-in, you provide free resources to your audience and in exchange, you asked them to give their email. 

A free source can be anything, you can give them, your the secret of marketing, any e-book, free trial, license of any software or web tool, etc. 

First, you have to examine and identify the need of your audience. And then provide some kind of free resource which helps your audience directly with their problem. 


Backlinko is giving Email Opt-in on the homepage an offering free tips to get traffic for your business in exchange for user email.

Backlinko Emai Opt-in

For a good result you must understand your audience’s need, Backlinko founder knows the need of their audience that they are looking for traffic for their blog and website. 

So in his Email Opt-in, he is offering free tips for traffic generation.

One another goos example is Android Authority

Android Authority is using Email Opt-in in the sidebar and offering the users to give them updates and giveaways notification for their email ID.

Android Autority Emai Opt-in

So the key is to create a great Email Opt-in is finding the need of your audience.

What Can Be In an Email Opt-in 

  • Any kind of giveaway 
  • Ebook 
  • Any secret marketing strategy 
  • PDF 
  • Free trial 

Anything which worth to your audience 

Create Email Opt-In Landing Page

Once you decided that what you are going to offer in your Email Opt-in, now your second step will be to create a landing page where the user can sign up to your Email Opt-in.

Tip #1: Add Your Email Opt-in To Your Pinterest Profile. 

Your Pinterest followers are your ideal audience, they will be definitely interested in your Email Opt-in offer.

Now go to your profile and add the direct link of your Email Opt-in to your profile with a good description with some relevant keywords.

Tip: Business profile works better than the personal profile, so if you are really looking for good results then convert your profile to business. 

Better create a new business profile, if you’re not interested in converting your personal profile to the business, both have separate benefits.

Tip #2: Add Email Opt-in To Suitable Pinterest Board, 

If your Email Opt-in’s offer make sense to any of your board, then add the direct link of Email Opt-in in the description of the board.

Also, do one thing, add some relevant keywords to your Pinterest board description. It will increase the chances of finding your board in the search. 

If there is not any relevant board to offer Email Opt-in.

So in this case, if you are not having any suitable board to promote your Email Opt-in. Then go and create some related boards, with rich keyword and description and also add the Email Opt-in direct link.

Tip: Please do not do keywords stuffing, try to make it look and read natural. 

To get some good ideas about keywords, just go to the Pinterest search box and start typing with some ideas and it will start showing you related keywords in the suggestion box. 

Tip #3: Pin Email Opt-in To Board. 

Go to Pinterest and directly pin the Email Opt-in landing page to the relevant board. 

To do this first you have to create a good graphic image, you can use tools like the canva to create pins, or you can use your favorite graphic tool. 

Directly paining and sending your audience to your Email Opt-in will increase the conversion rate.

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