[Pinterest Marketing]: Use These 4 Ways To Improve Pinterest Visibility And Engagement In 2019

• Last updated: September 1, 2019 at 7:32 am

Pinterest is one of the easiest but most powerful platforms to get traffic to your website, or getting sales for your product, or to promote any other web platform.

Making a Pinterest account and the Pinterest board will just take around 15 minutes. And they can start publishing pins to your board.

But the most difficult thing is getting engagement and repins, and this can only happen if you are having better pin visibility.

Here we are going to share some simple ways which you can implement to enhance your Pinterest visibility and engagement.

You can use these techniques to improve your boards and pins.

#1 Always Add Alt Text To The Images 

Google cannot read the text written on the image, so web publishers use alt text to explain the image to the search engine.

Whenever you do a Google search and hoover to the image it shows you some text, this text is called alt text or image alternative text.

Alt text is not just good for social media optimization, it also improves your on-page SEO.  Alt-text is one of the key elements in on-page SEO. 

Now comes to the point, that how alt text is going to help you enhance your search visibility in Pinterest. 

When any user pin any media from your website, Pinterest crawls the alt text as a description of the pin.

Add Alt text To Images
                                                                               This Image From The Wikihow Article
                         If you properly enter the image description and someone pin your image it looks it this.

In the absence of alt text, your image will pin without any description which is not a good thing. 

In simple

A bad image with a good description is better than a best image with no description.

So always make sure that you add alt text to the images used in your website. And also try to add the keyword in the all text description. 

If your pin will start appearing in the Pinterest top result. You will automatically start getting clicks and repins.  And your image will not appear to the top results till you do not have a good pin description. 

How To Add Alt Text 

Whenever you publish any blog post to your website, make sure you have a good written all text to your featured image. All text must be like a title, list 130 to 140 words.

Also, the alt text must be relevant to your article and featured image. Otherwise, you are only going to confuse your audience. 

You can even copy and paste the article title to the featured image alt text. 

If you are using WordPress, then it is really easy to add alt text to the images. Whenever you add an image to the article, there you can see a column about alt text. 

How To Add Alt Text

If you are having HTML website or else, just simply add this alt text HTML code for your image. 

<img src=”smiley.gif” alt=”Smiley face”>

#2 Change The Position Of Your Most Popular Board To First

Most of the peoples just follow some of your selected board from your Pinterest page.

Make your popular board focal point of your Pinterest page so the user will not return without following you.

Just reposition your most followed board in the first position to Grab the attention of the audience. 

Users easily follow Boards with most followers, so when a new user enters to your Pinterest profile just show them your most followed board and they are really going to like and follow it because it is already popular. 

Change The Position Of Your Most Popular Board To First

Just follow these steps one by one 

  1. Reposition your most followed board the first 
  2. Now add a very attractive and relevant cover image to the board 
  3. Now choose and highlight top pins from your Pinterest board with the help of Pinterest showcase feature. 

Also try to add more pins to your most followed board, so more people will see it and hopefully they will follow it. 

You can also change your board to the group so others can contribute, also invite other members to contribute to your board.

#3 Follow others 

Just follow others to being followed, it looks ridiculous but it can drive some good results to your Pinterest page.

Whenever you like or follow on Pinterest, user gets a notification that someone liked their content. 

There are a few chances that they will check your profile back and if you are having some good boards and pins. Then they are going to follow you. 

Do not follow anyone, only follow those who share similar interests.

You Can Follow Two Type Of Users

  1. Who have similar boards like you 
  2. Who already liked the similar content which your board is offering

Who have similar boards like you 

Suppose you are having a health-related Pinterest board 

In the search bar type health

Pinterest will show you popular health related boards and pages 

Now check out those results and follow them

Who already liked the similar content 

Go to the Pinterest search bar 

Search healthy food

Pinterest will show you the most popular pins for healthy food

Results You Get If You Search Healthy Food
                                                                     Results You Get If You Search Healthy Food 

Pick any of the ones

Below the pin, you can see that how much followers they have.

Like you can see Pinch of Yum having 639.5 k followers. 
                                                                  Like you can see Pinch of Yum having 639.5 k followers.

Go to the followers and follow them

Go to the followers and follow them
                                                                                        Follow These Peoples

These peoples like similar content to your page, so, some of them are going to follow you back if you follow them, 

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