Ultimate Guide To Do SEO Keyword Research & Analysis For A Perfect SEO

• Last updated: March 9, 2019 at 16:58 pm

Keyword is the foundation of any online business, you can not build your SEO marketing without a strong keyword foundation.

In SEO all your work and strategy moves around keywords, if you will not choose the rights keywords for your business then there is no benefit of all of your other works.

In SEO you are going to work for Google.

Why Google?

Because Google is the most popular search engine where daily billions of users come to search their requirements with different user intent. And your aim is to find out by the user when they search any specific term in Google.

If you think, Google is nothing more than a place to search for keywords.

No keyword = No Google

This explains the importance of the keywords.

Targeted Keywords VS Non-Targeted keywords

A right keyword can help you earn millions and a wrong keyword can waste all of your effort and money invested in marketing.

Targeted keyword are those which drive targeted audience to your website. If you are not getting traffic from the targeted keywords then there is no use to your traffic.

Your profit will be zero

Suppose you are having a page on your website about the black shirts and jeans. And your page is ranking on the 1st position of the Google for keyword “White Jeans & Shirts”

The person is looking for white color jeans and shirts but when he reach to your site he just finds blank shirts and jeans so the person will go to back to the search result and will reach to other site.

So targeting the right page with the right keyword is very important.

Here We Are Going To Give You Some Of The Examples Of Keywords.

If you are SEO Agency In India,

  1. SEO Agency In India
  2. Affordable SEO Service
  3. Affordable SEO Company Online

If you are having a blog on Digital Marketing.

  1. keyword Search
  2. Link Building
  3. White Hat Techniques
  4. Black Hat Techniques

If you are having an Online Clothing store

  1. Shirts For Men
  2. Buy Shirts For Men Online
  3. White Shirts For Men

These all some very specific terms “keyword” example for a different kind of online business.

In simple keyword are the terms which will be used by your customer to search your business online in Google.

Type Of Keywords

There are three types of Keywords

  1. Head
  2. Body
  3. Long Tail

Head Keywords

Head are one-word keyword with huge search volume,

For Example: Guide, Apps

These type of keywords have millions of search volume but they are not specific. Means it is not clear that the user is looking for Study Guide or Gardening Guide or anything else.

Same with the keyword apps, the user intent is not clear (specific), We do not know what users trying to search.


  • Help you to choose a niche
  • These keywords are very broad so you can make chains of articles


  • User intent is not 100% specific
  • Very competitive
  • Fewer chances of conversion

Body Keywords

Body keywords are generally two to three words long and here the user intent is almost clear.

For example:

  • Gardening Guide
  • SEO Guide
  • Social Media Marketing Guide


  • User Intent is clear
  • Can drive traffic and conversion


These keywords are highly competitive

Long Tail

Long Tail keywords are those keywords which are Four or more words long. Menas here user intent will be very specific. Here you exactly know what users are looking for?

For Example:

  • SEO Guide For Link Building
  • Gardening Guide For Planting
  • Social Media Marketing Guide For Getting Followers


  1. These keywords are very less competitive
  2. Very specific user intent
  3. Do not need much detailed article to rank


  1. These keywords have low search volume
  2. To drive a good amount of traffic you need hundreds of article

What Is The Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is a process where we use different techniques, tools, and software to find related targeted keywords for our online business.

Importance Of Keywords

  • Without proper keyword research, you can not start your online business.
  • Keyword Research helps you to find about your customer behavior.
  • Keywords research helps you to find about your targeted audience.

The whole process of keyword research is divided into two parts

  • Finding A keyword
  • Analyzing The Potential & Competition Of the chosen keyword

At the first step we need to find the keywords and later we will analyze keyword potential and its competition.

Note: there are lots of tools which can do both the work along, finding the keyword and its stats.

How To Find a Keyword

At first, step only use your mind, do not use any tool.

Just brainstorm and try to find some specific keywords.

For Example,

We are having a digital marketing blog, So for us, the keyword ideas will be like,

  • Keyword Research
  • WordPress
  • Link Building
  • SEO Tools

If you are an online E-commerce Platform,

  • T-shirts For Men
  • T-shirts For Women
  • T-shirts Online
  • Shirts For Men

If you are an SEO agency,

  • SEO Agency
  • SEO agency in India
  • Cheap SEO Service
  • Affordable Website Marketing Service

Now use any tool (Paid or Free) to find all related keyword ideas around your brainstorm keywords.

Free Tools

These are the most valuable free tools for keyword research

  • Answer The Public
  • Google Trends
  • Google Suggest
  • Keyword Shitter

If you want more then here you can check out free keyword research tools

  • Ahref
  • Semrush

Answer The Public

This tool is best for finding the long tail keywords. The tool helps you to find a different kind of keywords,

For Example:

  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons
  • Alphabetical
  • Related

Suppose our keyword is “SEO Agency”, and we searched for it on answer the Public.

As you can see it shows questions ideas,

  • How To Build SEO Agency?
  • How To Select SEO Agency?
  • What Does SEO Agency DO?

Not just long tail keywords, it also shows you many profitable “Body” Keywords too.

  • SEO Agency India
  • SEO Agency Chiago

As you will go below, it shows you hundreds of keywords all related to your seed keyword.

With this tool, you can get some really useful long tail easy to rank keyword for your business.

Google Trends

Google Trends can help you in two way,

  • Can help you to find related trending keywords
  • Can help you to find the current trend for your keywords

Here we first will talk about the keywords finding, rest will discuss later.

  1. Just go to the Google Trends
  2. Search for the keyword
  3. Set the time range to the 7 days or 30 days to get recent trending search terms.
  4. Now go to the related queries.

Here you can find some recent trending topics with trend rates.

As you will click on any term, it will open a dedicated page where you can see all stats.

You can set the country your country according to your need. Or you can set it to the worldwide if you are not targeting any specific country.

Also here you can compare two keywords, at the same time.

Google Suggest & Autocomplete

As the name gives you the idea, here you can get some keyword ideas with the help of keyword suggestions.

You will notice whenever you start typing in the Google it automatically start showing some keywords suggestions and it called Google Autocomplete.

As we start the typing the keyword “SEO Agency”

It starts showing autocomplete keyword ideas.

These all are the most searched term around your seed keyword. So you can pick some ideas for keywords from here.

As I command a search for the “SEO Agency In London”

Now go to the bottom for the page.

There you can find “Searches for your search keyword term”

These are the Google Suggestions, these keywords can provide some good amount of traffic.

Here is the reason

Suppose as a user I searched for the keyword “SEO Agency In London” and do not find any satisfactory result on the first page. Now as a user I will take a look at the keyword suggestions by Google. And will click on one of the suggestion. That is why these keywords are useful in term of traffic generation.

Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is an open source tool for the unlimited keyword suggestions.

The tool gives you the list of the unlimited no of keywords for your seed keyword.

You just need to type and search your seed keyword and it will start scraping keywords till you do not stop the tool.

We typed the “SEO Agency” and tap on the shit keyword button to start the tool. If you will leave the tool for the half hour, it will get you thousands of keywords.

Once you are done, just tap on the “Stop Job”

You can get the complete list of the keywords by just clicking “download” button.

How To Use Paid Tool For Keyword Analysis


Ahref is a paid SEO tool which does all kind of SEO work including the keyword research. The tool is much expensive so many of you will not be able to use the tool.

But if you can afford the tool, or you go for a group buy then this tool can save lots of your time and effort.

Using the tool is easy,

  • Just go to the Ahref.com
  • From the menu, select the keyword explorer
  • Search for your keyword,

Like we search for the “SEO Agency”

As you can see here first it shows you stats about the keyword like keyword difficulty, search volume, clicks, CPC, Global volume and some other details.

Now go little below and there you can see related keywords ideas.

They also categorized keyword ideas into four parts

  • Having same terms
  • Questions
  • Also rank for
  • Newly discovered

All of these four categories are useful and you can pick any of these. We checked for “having same terms” keyword,  and click on view all button, And it shows us All the keyword ideas related to my seed keywords.

You can filter your list on the basis of,

  • KD
  • Search Volume
  • Clicks
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • CPS (Click Per Search)

And there so many another filter too which you can use. And you do not need to go to any other page to find stats about your chosen keywords, all the of required details you can find on the same page.


Semrush is also a paid tool like Ahref but Semrush gives you 10 free search credit as a new user. You just need to sign up with a new email account to get free credit.

Both tools have similar features,

Its keyword overview tool shows you the following things,

  • Search volume
  • Paid search stats
  • Phrases Match Keywords
  • Related Keywords
  • Organic search results ranking for the Seed Keywords
  • Ads copies

You can easily export all of this data to your PC.

As you can see here, it is showing all the stats. To find keyword ideas you just need to tap on “Phrases Match Keywords”.

It will start showing all the keyword ideas for your Seed keyword.

You can apply filters according to your recruitment.

For Example:

  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Country
  • Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty and much more else

Do Competitor Analysis To Find Most Relevant Keywords

Competitor Analysis is the key to success for any business because it helps you to find all about your business competitions, customer behavior, marketing strategies and a lot more else.

Means you just need to take advantage of your competitor’s data.

Here we are going to use our competitor to find the most relevant keywords for us.

If you are having a tool like Ahref and Semrush then this work will become much easier for you.

You just need to search your competitor’s website URL in the tool and it will tell you all about your competitors.

First, we need to find our competitor and you can find it by just searching any of your keyword in Google. And pick any of the result rankings in top 3.

For Example:

We search for the keyword  “Keyword Research”

And find two of my competitors,

  1. Backlinko.com
  2. MOZ.com

Now go to the Ahref and search any of these, we pick “Backlinko.com”

As you can see Ahref shows me all of the website’s stats of Backlinko.

Now just click on the “organic Keyword” and it will show you all of the keywords for which Backlinko is ranking.

In simple Backlinko is getting their traffic from these keywords.

You can sort the keywords according to your requirements with the help of filters.

These are the keywords for which you can rank and bank.


There is one another way to find the best keywords of the competitors with Ahref.

From the left sidebar of the Ahref, you can find and tap on the “Top Pages” to find best pages of your competitors which are gaining most traffic.

So you can also pick these top keywords of your keywords.

What If You Do Not Have Any Paid SEO Tools Like Ahref?

Find your competitors and go to their website and check their post to get ideas about your competitor’s keywords.

As you can see these post of Backlinko which gives you the idea about the keywords,

For Example:

  • Copywriting
  • SEO Resources

Use Forums for Keyword Research

Forums are also good sources to find long term easy to use keywords.

These keywords are easy to rank because of two reasons

These are long tail keywords

Because forums are ranking on the first page of Google so you can replace the forum ranking with your site’s post.

To find keywords From Forum You Must have The Ahref or Semrush

Just find top forums in your niche

To do this just type search operator “keyword” “forum”

As you will search this search operator in google you find the top forums in your niche.

Just pick any of these forums and search in the Ahref

Check its organic keywords,

As a example you can see organic keywords of this “Digital Point Forum”

These are very easy to rank niche relevant keywords for your business.

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