SEO Or PPC | Which is Best Way Of Online Marketing For Maximum Results?

• Last updated: July 23, 2020 at 7:52 am

SEO and PPC both help in getting business online from the search engine Google but both are completely different in nature.

SEO belongs to the free organic traffic by raking your website post/page in the top search result of Google.

what is seo

Another side PPC belongs to the paid traffic where you paid Google to place your web page at the top of google results for your desired keyword.

What Is PPC

So here in this article, we will discuss the benefits & disadvantages of both SEO & PPC. So you can decide yourself what will be best for you to gain business for your online website.

The search engine follows an algorithm to evaluate the quality and accuracy of a web page for different keywords and rank them accordingly.

In Seo, you can not pay to appear in top results.

All you can do that find out how a search engine and its algorithm works to calculate the relevancy of a webpage and implement all those things to your webpage so you can rank better.

What Is The Importance Of SEO?

1. Consistent Traffic

By following quality parameters of SEO you generate consistent web traffic for your blog.

Google can not depend on only paid traffic, because we love Google because of its quality and relevant search results.

So if your website focused on the quality content and other parameters then Google will never abandon you because you are also helping Google to show good results to its users.

Paid marketing is like a tap, it will deliver traffic till the tap is on. Once it is off you will get nothing.

It is the same you pay in a gaming store to play, but once your coins are finished you have to stop playing.

Same with social media you will get engagement till you pay, once you stop paying you will stop getting engagement.

But in the SEO process, it takes time and quality work but once you started ranking for your desired keyword it will remain consistent a long time.

You can check your SEO Ranking with these tools

You can take a break and go for travel and your traffic will still grow.

2. Long Term Processes But Cheap

Suppose you made a website and do some quality work and your site started ranking for thousands of keyword which results in 1 lakh monthly visitors.

Now let’s calculate, how much money you have to pay in paid marketing like PPC to get that much traffic.

It will cost you around 300,000$ per month.

But in compare how much you are spending on for your website, maybe 50,000 INR to 100000 INR.

So yes SEO is a long term process but it is cheap and consistent.

If you are a very big brand and have lots of money but not time then definitely go spend thousands of $ on paid marketing but for small and medium-size online business SEO is the best option.

What Are The Importance Of PPC?

As you all know PPC refers to the paid marketing where you pay the Search Engine to place your web URL in the Top results.

Here are a few examples

Most of the big brands use PPC as the main source of getting traffic & sales. Especially in the field of e-commerce all of the big names like Amazon, Flipkart use PPC.

1. Quick Results

You do not need to wait, you start getting results as you start your ad campaign. In organic search marketing, you have to wait for months to see results but here you can start getting the result in a few hours.

2. Better Targeting

PPC allows advertisers to targeted only those who matter. To do this PPC allows lots of audience targeting options so you can get targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic means if you are having a website related to the women’s clothing and cosmetics then your targeted audience must be women from around 15 and above.

If you are targeting men then you will get nothing just loss.

So in PPC users can target audiences to meet maximum results.

3. Steal Competitor Traffic

With the help of PPC, you can easily steal your Competitor traffic.

For example

As you can see if a search for the Bigrock, at the top of the result Hotgrator is showing because it is running a PPC campaign for the keyword “Bigrock” (its competitor).

Steal Competitor Traffic With PPC


Peoples come to visit Bigrock but after seeing the Hostgator result in the top some of the traffic will definitely go to the Hostgator.

That is why many of the big brands run the PPC campaign for their brand name.

Here is the example


4. Quick Experiments

With PPC you can easily set experimental ad campaigns to find what delivers results and what does not because PPC gives you fast results.

But SEO is a long term process where you can not do lots of experiments.

Even if you do, you have to wait very long to see results.

Disadvantages Of SEO

1. Very Long Unsure Process

With SEO you can not get overnight results, it is a long term process and even you do not know that your SEO implementations will work fine and after many months of hard work you will get expected results.

Many times, after so many efforts your site does not rank for the main keywords and as a result, you get no traffic.

According to the many reports and survey web pages takes average 3 to 6 months to rank in the Google SERP.

But in comparison to PPC, you pay a good amount of money but results are sure and quick.

2. Peoples Love Authority

As a user, we only want to learn from the experts,

For example:

There are two posts about the same topic but one is published by the top media publisher and the second is posted by a normal site with less authority.

Definitely, the choice will be the authority site.

So if you want to perform well then you must have authority content from experts.

Even in a very recent update of Google (Medic Update) many well-performing health sites lost their entire ranking because of less authority.

In short if your site is about health or any other very sensitive niche then you must have the expertise to write about those topics.

Big brands hire experts to write their content but the problem comes when you are a small or medium-sized business. And hiring an expert will be expensive.

Disadvantages of PPC

1. PPC is very expensive

Yes PPC is expensive but there are so many very competitive niches like insurance, real states, legal services.

For these niches, you will pay the least 40$ per clicks.

So if you are getting 30 clicks a day then you have to pay around 1200$ per day.

Even in a case study, a dropbox startup shared that their CPA (cost per acquisition) was $233 to #388 for the product of $99.

Source: Slideshare

2. You Have To Be Consistent

According to many experts, you have constantly changed your ads images, and texts to give a refreshed look.

Because as you will continue the same ad for a long time its effectiveness will decrease. People will become aware of your ads and it will lose its effect.

So you have to always change your ads with new offers and other details to consistent its effectiveness.

So now the question is, which is better? Seo or PPC?

There is no perfect answer, it depends on,

  1. What you are planning to promote on the internet?
  2. What is your budget?

Both are a great source of traffic and both have some good & bad things. So why to depend on only one medium of marketing.

Here we are discussing different scenario, to find what will be the best marketing option to gain results.

Non-Searched Items

In the SEO process, first we do keyword research to find the keyword’s monthly volume. SEO will not work for those products and services which previous not exist.

If you are a company who just built a new innovative product or started a completely new service. You have to depend on the paid ads because no one heard about you before.

SEO will be completely useless in this scenario.

Events Launch And Offers

If you are launching an event or want to promote a short period offer then you can do SEO and wait for results.

You have to depend on the different platform of paid ads to get results at the right time.

If You Want to Sell Your Site

If you have the intention to sell your site in the future then you must have to focus on the SEO, because it delivers consistent results in cheap.

If your site’s ranking is consistent in google from 6 to 8 months so it indicates that your sites built on quality SEO and have some authority content.

And this is what sellers are looking for.

Also building quality backlinks is the hardest part of SEO, but people often link to the pages on the #1 position.

Buyers know that a site with good SEO perform consistent results and with a little more effort they can double the traffic and results.

But if the website it based on PPC, so buyers have to work constantly to refreshed the ads and once the ads will stop, the site will lose all its gain.

So if we give choices to the buyer to choose between a site built with quality SEO and PPC then SEO will definitely be their choice.

Even a few years ago a blogger (SEO) built and sell this website for 1 million dollars because of the good SEO.

How To Choose The Best Performing Online Marketing Method For Your Online Business

Find Who is Your Target Customer

You need to just relax and brainstorm to find, who will be your target users? And from where you can find your targeted users.

Like if your industry is men & women fashion then you can use pinterest paid and SEO strategy to gain business.

If you are having site related to tutorials then you can use the forums, and youtube for brand promotion.

Do Differents Tests:

You are fresh and do not know which marketing strategy will suit your business then simply do small tests.

Even spending a little money and effort to see the results will be best before running any full campaign.

SEO & PPC Both Together

As we discussed and find that free traffic and paid traffic both have some good and bad sides. But there is one thing in common that both can help you to gain business then why depends on any one marketing model.

Most of the big & medium brands uses both SEO & PPC to market their business. And according to us it is the best action.

You should not neglect any of the any of them.

Facebook Ads

Facebook and Google ads are both very different in nature but Facebook ads are very cheap.

You can start a facebook ads campaign at just 40 INR, so whether you are a small, medium or big business Facebook ads suits all of them.

In an article, Ahref said that they also gain some backlinks as a result of the facebook ads.

Ahref Facebook ads experiments

Even if you are having a quality content but you have to reach all of the possible audience for their feedback.


Retargeting is also one of the methods of marketing where you target your website visitors who left your website.

So in the Retargeting you target your website visitors to come back to your site.

because they previously visited your site so there is huge chances that they will be interested in the offer show in the ad.

Many of the Instragam pages use this method to gain followers.

They first create a community of relevant audience by following different methods and then retargeted them by using instagram ads to convert them into their followers.

With the Retargeting you can minimize your expenses on paid ads and maximize results.

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